You’re in the best hands with New Jersey’s top neurosurgeons

If you’ve seen the video story of our patients Paula Guerriero or Dennis Kavanagh, you know the kind of expert care and compassion that the top neurosurgeons of New Jersey Brain and Spine provide.

For more than 25 years, our neurology specialists have delivered life-enhancing brain, spine, and neurological treatments to more than 40,000 patients. If you are experiencing back pain or complex brain and spine conditions, we invite you to contact us. Just fill out the form to the right.

It’s important to know that our highly trained and experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and physiatrists approach each case with the most conservative and least invasive treatment options first. If neurological surgery turns out to be the best treatment option, then you’ll know your care is in the hands of the most highly trained experts whose patient outcomes are among the best in the nation.

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About New Jersey Brain and Spine

We specialize in restoring hope. Our full range of neurosurgical procedures and state-of-the-art noninvasive treatments, as well as our culture of treating patients like our own family, enable patients to get back to their best lives as quickly as possible.

We’re also proud to serve as a critical resource for regional physicians, neurosurgeons and surrounding hospitals who refer their most complex cases to us, including brain and spinal trauma, brain tumors, strokes, brain aneurysms and more.

If surgery is required, we conduct procedures in New Jersey’s top area hospitals. Working hand-in-hand with the region’s top teams of anesthesiologists, operating room nurses and neurophysiologists, we help ensure a seamless surgical and post-operative experience.

Equally as important as our proficiency is our commitment to personalized care. No question is left unanswered. Our team works closely with patients from thoroughly explaining a condition to discussing treatments options to reviewing insurance and billing options. Our patients benefit from New Jersey Brain and Spine’s dedicated patient teams who coordinate all care and make sure patients know what to expect at each step.

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