Our Pediatric Neurosurgery Center is renowned for delivering high-quality, compassionate care to children of all ages. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric neurosurgeons have worked at the country’s leading programs and treat the full range of pediatric neurosurgical disorders. These include hydrocephalus, complex pediatric brain and spine tumors, craniofacial disorders, craniosynostosis, epilepsy, spinal deformity and sports-related head injuries. Our program is nationally ranked for pediatric neurosurgery and neurology.

Our Pediatric Neurosurgery Center Experts

We bring together the best medical minds to care for you

We deliver innovative neurosurgical care

Our advanced treatments include the latest minimally invasive techniques, such as endoscopic repair for craniosynostosis and minimally invasive treatment of brain tumors. These procedures help your child recover with less time in the hospital and minimal scarring and pain.

Our center’s medical director, Dr. Tim Vogel, recently performed the first known successful procedure on an infant with exencephaly, a rare condition in which part of the brain is outside the skull.  The child is the first to survive with the condition, and his story has received national coverage in The Philadelphia Inquirer, CNN, People and many other news outlets.

Our extensive research programs have been supported by private institutions, leading medical institutions, and government granting agencies including the National Institutes of Health, NJ’s Center for Discovery and Innovation, and the New York Genome Center. Dr Vogel is a widely published author, researcher, presenter and patent holder. 

We offer a family-centered, personalized approach

We understand that having a child with a neurosurgical condition can be very difficult for families. Our goal is to offer you support and guidance throughout every step of your child’s evaluation and care. We strive to make your experience as easy as possible and develop a personalized care plan that takes your child’s physical, emotional and social needs into account. Our pledge is to always keep you informed and minimize the number of visits as much as possible.

We are affiliated with pre-eminent pediatric hospitals

Our pediatric programs are affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center and the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, preeminent New Jersey pediatric hospitals that offer care from leading medical and surgical experts in over 30 pediatric specialties.

I love working with children, who have so much energy and spirit. I can’t imagine doing anything else. And it brings us great joy to see children who were barely able to survive come back walking and talking after we’ve treated them.

- Tim Vogel, MD

Conditions and Treatments

Our renowned multidisciplinary team treats a full range of pediatric neurosurgical conditions.

Common Conditions

  • Pediatric concussions and brain trauma
  • Pediatric epilepsy
  • Craniofacial conditions – craniosynostosis, abnormal head shape
  • Pediatric hydrocephalus
  • Pediatric brain tumors
  • Pediatric spinal deformity
  • Pediatric Chiari malformations
Full list of conditions

Common Treatments

Our pediatric programs

  • Hydrocephalus clinic
  • Pediatric epilepsy center
  • Craniofacial program
  • Pediatric brain and spine tumor program
  • Center for pediatric spinal disorders
  • Concussion and brain trauma program
Full list of treatments

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