Essential tremor is a slowly progressing neurological disorder that most commonly affects the arm and hand. It may progress to involve the head and neck and rarely the lower extremities. This condition alters the precision of movement and may limit basic functions such as writing, eating, drinking or dressing oneself. The cause of the disease remains unknown and although there is no known cure, treatment options are greatly effective in alleviating symptoms by allowing patients to have more control over their daily activities. Generally, medical management using propranolol, primidone or alprazolam have been shown to be of benefit. An incisionless ultrasound procedure is a non-invasive option for some patients with essential tremor. Botulinum toxin injections, stereotactic thalamotomy, deep brain stimulation or Gamma Knife radiosurgery are reserved for patients with severe symptoms that do not tolerate medications and offer lasting improvement in movement.

Demonstration of the use of gamma knife radiosurgery for the management of essential tremor:


How Does the Incisionless Procedure for Essential Tremor Work?

This technique uses focused ultrasound to target areas in the brain that are causing the essential tremor and treat it. Since this method only uses sound waves, no incisions need to be made and patients don’t need anesthesia. This procedure generally takes two hours, after which patients often find immediate and significant reductions in tremors. Patients often go home the same day as their procedure. 

The Incisionless procedure offers hope to patients who are otherwise having difficulty carrying out day to day activities due to tremors,  in a safe, accurate, and effective way.

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