For over 12 years, the innovative and comprehensive movement disorders program at New Jersey Brain and Spine has provided complete and expert care for patients suffering from disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), dystonia and essential tremor. These often-progressive disorders can limit a person’s ability to control movement, making daily activities difficult. While they may share some common features, each disorder is unique and often requires an expert to understand the nuances of diagnosis and treatment.

Attracting thousands of patients from the New York Metropolitan area and beyond, our program offers advanced care from the time of diagnosis throughout disease progression. Our highly specialized team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiatrists and physical therapists develop personalized care plans for each patient, precisely modulating treatments to maintain overall health, quality of life, and independence. Recognizing that our patients are on a long journey, we take a comprehensive approach to care that incorporates wellness, exercise and complementary therapies as well as the latest pharmacotherapy, medical and surgical care.

Our Movement Disorders Center Experts

We bring together the best medical minds to care for you

My goal is to partner with every patient to provide the most personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care.

- Hooman Azmi, MD

Conditions and Treatments

Common Conditions

Our highly skilled team of movement disorders specialists diagnoses and treats a wide variety of movement disorders, including:


Full list of conditions

Common Treatments

Our physicians and surgeons have advanced fellowship training that enables them to offer a variety of effective treatments ranging from BOTOX (botulinum toxin injections) to deep brain stimulation (DBS). Our goal is to provide the best overall quality of life for our patients, and we only consider surgical treatments when patients have exhausted medical therapies.  Our comprehensive treatment plans include:

  • Exercise programs
  • Medication options, with a review of the newest therapies and clinical trials
  • Chemodenervation (i.e. MYOBLOC injections) for drooling
  • Chemodenervation (i.e. BOTOX injections) for dystonia or spasticity
  • Intrathecal Baclofen for spasticity
  • Surgical treatments
Full list of treatments

Clinical Trials

To ensure that our patients receive the most advanced care available, we participate in advanced clinical trials.

  • RESTORE 1 Clinical Trial – A randomized placebo surgery controlled, double blinded, multi-center, phase 2 clinical trial, evaluating the efficacy and safety of VY-AADC02 in moderate advanced Parkinson’s disease with motor fluctuations.
  • Parkinson’s Disease Inpatient Clinical Knowledge and Management (PICK) – This study focuses on patients with Parkinson’s Disease in the adult inpatient units of Hackensack University Medical Center.
  • WatchRX – Smartwatch to improve timely medication administration and correlate medication timing with self-reported and Smartwatch measured motor symptoms in inpatients and outpatients with Parkinson Disease

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