What is a colloid cyst?

A colloid cyst is a benign tumor typically located in the center of the brain within the fluid filled ventricular system. The growth potential of these cysts is variable and often difficult to predict particularly if they are found incidentally by MR or CT imaging.

What are treatments for a colloid cyst?

Surgery may be offered for removal when it is felt that the cyst is the source of headache or if there is evidence of blockage of the natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) causing hydrocephalus. Surgical treatment may be performed by an endoscopic or microsurgical approach.

moderate sized colloid cyst
Axial MR imaging demonstrating patient with moderate sized colloid cyst (white arrows) in young woman presenting with progressive headaches and nausea. There is hydrocephalus and periventricular swelling (red asterisk).
Endoscopic resection of cyst
Post-operative axial MR imaging after endoscopic resection of cyst with normalization of ventricular dimension (red arrows); restitution of CSF flow at Foramen of Monro (white circle). Note, absence of periventricular swelling as seen on pre-operative image.


What is the colloid brain cyst surgery recovery time?

While individual recovery may vary, expect to spend around 1 week in the hospital for colloid brain cyst surgery recovery time. Endoscopic patients may be in the hospital for only a day or two for colloid brain cyst surgery recovery time, however. Within 6 to 8 weeks most patients should be back to normal activity levels.